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The year 2023 is believed to see the most changes in the recruitment industry ever. As technologies thrive incredibly, especially the launching of ChatGPT, new jobs are born and some current ones are lost at the same time. In this blog, we will discuss the most recent recruitment trends for 2023, which will assist you in hiring the best IT specialists for your company.

Strong employer branding

Many firms are now concentrating on their employer brand when it comes to acquiring new staff. A strong employer brand can assist in attracting top talent as well as retaining current employees. There are numerous elements that can enhance your employer brand and reputation in the industry. They are corporate sustainability, culture, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). These three areas of attention are about more than just business trends. According to surveys, 70% of job searchers want to work for a firm that supports diversity, and 41% of candidates would decline a position if the company’s sustainability principles did not correspond with their own.

This is especially true in a remote hiring environment, where firms must work harder to attract qualified people. Employer branding encompasses marketing and branding, as well as effective hiring practices and policies. Employer branding can help firms differentiate themselves from other rivals.

Data-driven recruiting

The use of data in recruiting is not a novel idea. Data-driven recruiting is the use of data to assist firms in finding new candidates. The data that businesses use can vary greatly based on their needs. It may incorporate data from social media as well as information from job boards and other recruiting tools. Data-driven recruiting is extremely beneficial to firms who need to scale up their employment process. Recruiters have long utilized statistics to assist them make judgments. What is changing, though, is the use of advanced technologies to make recruiting judgments more exact. Moreover, companies can use data-driven recruitment to sift through data to locate the best applicants when employing remote workers.

The rise of freelance and remote hiring

Because of technological advancements, economic events, and full-time employees deciding to pursue “side-hustles”, more people are now becoming freelancers. In addition, companies are understanding the advantages of hiring remotely, including cheaper costs and better productivity. Many people want to work fewer hours and make better use of their time, therefore the demand for remote work is expanding. Businesses are also realizing that the ideal individual for the job may not be near them. 

The transition to remote work is projected to alter the recruiting landscape. It may make the process slightly more difficult for businesses, but it also opens up new avenues for attracting and retaining talent. When it comes to hiring, businesses must be upfront about the abilities and expertise candidates will need to complete the job remotely.

The application of AI

Artificial intelligence is a growing trend in a variety of businesses, including recruitment. AI is rapidly being used by businesses to improve efficiency and productivity, including the hiring of new employees. AI in the hiring process has a wide range of applications, including process automation, resume and document automated screening, and discovering, hiring, and sourcing people. Reduced workloads, improved search and hiring processes, better candidate experiences, and less risk of bias are some of the benefits of AI throughout the recruiting process. AI tools are not totally automated, but they can be designed to perform jobs that people would normally perform. This includes structuring databases and assisting in the speedy discovery of information.

Focus on retention strategies

Organizations must not just hire new personnel, but also retain their top talent. This is especially essential in remote employment contexts, where employees are more likely to leave. Organizations can retain their finest staff in a variety of ways. Maintaining a strong employer brand, establishing excellent onboarding methods, and investing in employee development are examples of these. Organizations can retain their best employees engaged and satisfied by investing in these areas, which can help to lower turnover rates. Employee retention techniques and employer branding are inextricably intertwined. They can both help to retain staff and keep them satisfied.


As a hiring manager, it’s crucial they need to keep up-to-date and be aware of the new trends in the industry. Otherwise, they cannot reach the right talent pool and hire the top qualified employees for their company. Or else, they can seek a high-quality outsourcing firm so as to save up time and money. J&S Consulting is probably one of the best choices as we offer exceptional headhunting service at a competitive price. With an expert team of 8+ years experience in the recruiting industry along with the application of latest technology, we ensure to help you transform your business to the next level.

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