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Backend developer is a job that necessitates specific knowledge as well as a dash of creativity. As a result, there is no surprise that experts in the intricacies and technology involved in this industry are always in high demand. In this article, we will discover backend web developer abilities you should acquire in order to have a successful career.

What does a Backend developer do? 

Back-end development is the process of designing, modifying, and repairing the software component of a website. It is the part of a website that most users do not see. It is a field that refers to the activities that occur behind the scenes when someone interacts with a website.:

  • They collaborate with front-end developers to design server-side algorithms for user-facing web application parts. Backend developers write code in server-side languages to construct logic that allows web applications to run properly.
  • Backend developers optimize online programs for increased response speed and efficiency in addition to developing and creating effective web applications.
  • They examine the objectives and requirements, deal with faults and errors, and devise solutions.
  • They also interact with the database to save data and ensure that every user can find what they are looking for.
  • They also oversee APIs that are used across devices.
  • They are also involved in the development of the system’s architecture.

Five skills that every backend dev must know

1. Good understanding of programming language:

Programming languages for Web Development: Back-end developers collaborate with front-end developers, assigning server logic to external components of the web application. To put this logic into action, the backend engineer uses a server-side scripting language. When discussing backend dev abilities, the greatest programming languages to know are:

  • Java: This programming language is a sturdy system that is used for general purposes. This is a must-know language for every backend developer.
  • PHP: This is the most popular server-side language used by backend developers. This language is being used to create a number of websites. This language is not only free to use, but also inexpensive. 
  • Python: It is a prime language that is frequently utilized by developers to manage both simple and complicated projects. This programming language is used to develop certain well-known programs, such as Spotify and Dropbox.

2. Comprehensive Database Knowledge:

Every backend dev must learn how to stack and recover data from databases. Although front-end developers can connect to and interact with databases, server-side development is currently the conventional approach for controlling privileged and exceptional access to that information, including storage and recovery. Begin with excellent social style databases and on to chart databases as your understanding grows.

3. Connecting to an Application Programming Interface (API): 

Internet browsers aren’t the only ones who connect with web apps. Typically, an organization will provide a mobile app for iOS or Android in addition to its main website. There are also program-based applications that primarily use JavaScript rather than server-side produced HTML (through structures like React, Vue, or Angular). These apps require an Application Programmer Interface, or API, to associate with in order to recover information for display.

HTML may be useful for designing content in web browsers, but there are far superior setups for data that will be used by other projects. JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation, and XML, which stands for eXtensible Markup Language, are the two most used places for API information.

4. Server Administration:

Each website will require a database to store all customer and product information. A database organizes site content in a way that makes it easy to recover, arrange, alter, and store data. It is operated on a distant PC known as a server. There are numerous databases that are commonly used, including MySQL, Oracle, Postgres SQL, and SQL Server. You can learn to manage servers using any of the following tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx, Node.js, New Relic, and so on.

5. Understanding of Popular Frameworks

You must understand the frameworks associated with your favorite language. For example, if you choose Java, you will need to be familiar with Spring, Hibernate, and so on. These are popular Java-based frameworks. Furthermore, if you choose Python, you will need to be familiar with Flask, Django, or another Python-based framework.


Backend developers play an important role in web development. They are in charge of all important roles and ensuring the deployment of high-quality products. As a result, an increasing number of prospective web developers are choosing this professional path. Such individuals should be passionate about coding and have all of the necessary knowledge and abilities to become an effective developer. 

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