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To celebrate the upcoming festive season, from December 23, 2022 to January 15, 2023, J&S would like to introduce super attractive promotions: Service Discount and Customer referral scheme! The promotions apply to loyal customers, existing customers and future customers of J&S, which could save up to 17% off.

More amazingly, the number of offers is unlimited! A single customer can freely apply for multiple promotions at the same time when participating in both of our promotions! Join the high-quality recruitment service at J&S to receive such attractive offers of up to 17% off! For more details about the program, let’s have a look at the text below! 

About the Customer referral scheme 

Customers who refer J&S recruitment services to other customers in any form will immediately receive 3 extremely high-quality candidate profiles which are close to the technologies used by the referring party. If the new customers successfully sign J&S’s services before January 15, 2023, the referring party will have the opportunity to receive an additional 5% discount for any 1 vacancy at J&S!x

About the special Service discount program

The program is applied to all J&S customers with a discount of up to 12%! The program includes 4 promotion packages with different discount rates from 5% to 12% depending on the value of the order! The more positions signed, the higher the discount values!

PackageDescriptionPromotion content
BasicCustomers sign recruitment contracts for less than 3 positions5% discount on service fee for 1 vacancy
3-position recruitment packageCustomers sign recruitment contracts for 3 positions.5% discount on total service fee (with 3 vacancies)
4-position recruitment packageCustomers sign recruitment contracts for 4 positions.8% discount on total service fee (with 4 vacancies)
5-position recruitment packageCustomers sign recruitment contracts for 5 positions.10% discount on total service fee (with 5 vacancies)
Recruitment package of 6 positions and aboveCustomers sign recruitment contracts for 6 positions and above12% discount on total service fee (with 6 vacancies and above)
Expiry date: 6 months from the date of contract renewal/new contract signing

Why choose us?

Lots of businesses have fallen into a loop of constant recruitment and still could not find the right people, which costs them tons of time and money. Understanding these pain points, J&S Consulting is there to help. We help to transform your business to the next level by providing following values:

​​Cost Efficiency

Access to the Vietnamese IT talent pool with a wide variety of roles that benefits the productive and reasonable-cost labor

Time saving

Within 4 weeks, we offer you a promising solution to hire the right talents in a short time and earn profits


Ensure transparency from processing, tracking, to language communication


We provide you key services and end-to-end delivery based on your goals and your budget

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